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In the field of intellectual property rights, coordinated collaboration between lawyers and patent attorneys is decisive for the success of the proceedings for the client. The lawyers Dr Andreas Hotz and Dr Rainer Utz have thus been working closely and with trust with one of the largest patent attorney agencies in Upper Swabia for many years, namely with

RavensPAT Otten Roth Dobler & Partner mbB Patentanwälte in Berg near Ravensburg (

The acquisition of intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks and designs (design patents) by applying for and asserting the registration with the national and international patents offices and authorities belongs to the primary scope of activities of our patent attorney colleagues, who represent many small and medium-sized businesses down to international groups.

In proceedings regarding the violation of such property rights, we appear before the ordinary courts together. We equally support our patent attorney colleagues in opposition, cancellation or nullification proceedings that are being processed in parallel to the infringement proceedings.

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